Screaming Chimp Video Transcript

I started growing chilies when my friends was told that I was suffering from depression. He sent me up a tray of twenty eight seedlings about three inches high, and they were all different plants. And he said, quote, I might take your mind off things. I made a man vs food challenge sauce for my sister when she was at university for chicken wing competition. I then came up with a name Screamo Chip. I’ve flown on a couple of lady grass making that noise.

That sounds like a great teacher. I like it. I love seeing the greenery around me. I like seeing the color. I like seeing something that I’ve nurtured. And then I can take to the park in 2017. We want to gravitate towards from the goal to find food. In 2018, we want 25 percent of the UK chili sauce towards 2020 went into the BBC Good Food magazine. So yeah, we’re looking now to the future. We all do a very, very small cook, first of all, in my mind’s eye, I’ve got what I want to put on my tongue.

I know what each ingredient tastes like separately, you know what it smells like. So you can always get into like a trance state and things and you can smell and you can taste all of that, like right now. Go, go, go. Don’t want to for themselves. They’re actually all vegan friendly, three of the main 14 allergens. So that includes the gluten free, dairy free. So fat free, all those things. Yeah, that’s just good food.

You know, there’s no signature in any of them. The thickness of the products is the thickness of food that has had a long cook point. Conversion rate is about 96 percent virtually everywhere we go. It’s nice to see that people really appreciate what we’ve done, really appreciate where it’s come from and hopefully where it’s going to be going. I’ve just got to push, push and push and try and get the drip of chips across the globe and get them swinging on as many branches as possible.

I’m looking to grow Chin, I want loads more champions board the train, the truck train.