Karen Wright Chocolate Yule Log Video Recipe Transcript

Hello, there is Karen, I’m Karen. I was on the Great British Bake Off a couple of years ago and it’s getting to well, it’s Christmas time.

I’m all turned off and I’m here to support the Festival of Food and Drink, both for the online festival that’s happening right now and also to support the ideas going forward for 2021.

We’ve all got our fingers crossed well and truly crossed that the the food festivals next year, Bishop Auckland and that Seyoum will be absolutely fantastic and all our lovely Trager’s will be out in force and we’ll get back to where we were before this and covid situations of our lives.

So Durham County Council have asked me to come along and do something cheery and festive Christmassy and to give you some ideas of what you might like to put on the table this Christmas. Not everybody likes a traditional Heavy-Duty Christmas pudding. I mean, I do, but a lot of people don’t. So what I’m going to do today is a real quick demo of how to put together the old favourite Yule log. So I’m not going to beat the clock because I’m going to put all the details on the website and see if you can get the method of the ingredients that I’m just going to show you how to to put it together.

But what I do need to do, fingers crossed, it works, is to show you how to do the rolling. So I’ve got one of the one of the sponges ready in, Milovan. So I get my glasses on and we’ll see if we can get it out and I’ll show you how to roll it while it’s hot. So I’ll take calls on. So I’ve already just run my life along with science, just to release it from the edges, it’s been well greased and line.

What to do with this is just sprinkle a mixture of custard, sugar and cocoa all over the top of the banks bones while it’s still in the 10. This is going to hopefully stop it from sticking to the paper that I’m going to go with. Oh, so that’s really not counting there. And then seems like like a case of greaseproof, all that and then. Iraq is something you think is getting better, inverts inverted like. And that’s going to faith.

Right, remove the tray. Yes, I have managed to do what I’m going to. I’m going to peel back the paper. It’s been based on like so it’s very satisfying doing that. If it comes in one poll, I’m going to remove the tray, so now it’s sitting on the on the plain shape and certainly excuse me, sending it over.

I’m just going to mark a line about a to be two centimeters long. I’m not cutting through this on the short end. This, the school that’s going to help it curl and using the paper and moving back so you can see this better using the paper that I’ve put on that, I’m just going to roll it in. That’s greaseproof paper. The reason we do this is because we want the cake to remember that it’s meant to be in a tube shape and it also helps prevent it from cracking.

When you I mean, literally just put that to one side or let’s say you can comfortably. Now, then here’s one I did earlier, that we always love that. So this is what I did earlier and I’m ready to fill it and cover it up, decorate it.

Before I do, I just want to say I’m dressed up a bit like finally, do you remember they finally cracked it?

Well, this is how I like to be sort of on Christmas morning. And this is I mean, you could make this day before I went two days before. But if you imagine this is Christmas morning, we’ve got the turkey in the oven and I’m just putting this together. So this is the wall that’s cold now. So I’m hoping that. On that, you know, cracks, hallelujah. So maybe a little tiny one, but the thing is, it’s very forgiving because it’s covered in the lovely chocolate ganache.

So filling wise, you’ve got a choice. You can use full glass or in this case, I’m actually going to fill it with some orange flavored whipped cream, which is sort of a chocolate orange orange. And that’s why this has to be really cold, because you can’t put hot fillings into these real arms if you’re on the back of your car and that’s how you get sent home.

Just go splat.

So we’re just going to make a nice filling up with this.

You could of cross for anything you liked in here. You could put sweets, fruit curds, whatever. But I’m just going to pop this is the orange zest in this as well.

OK, and just pop up to one side. I’ve got the ganache here. I’m going to count it with. Well, just because you can just to show you can do whatever you like. I’m just going to drizzle a bit of that inside as well. How much how much is that? And then you really roll it. So can you say let’s go over. It goes over, it goes with girls you do the cake with to help it go.

Lovely. See how it got pigtails. It’s got lots going on. This is very easy to transfer it to a serving plate. I have not. That’s another serving plate. So glass ball anyway.

So you just pop it on the same at the bottom. So it’s out of the way about sailors’ give my hands a little rope and this is where the fun starts. So I’ve made chocolate ganache. The ganache is just a mixture of cream and chocolate equal measures.

In this case it could do with being a bit thicker than this box for the I’ve got one I made earlier so I can demonstrate how to.

That’s right. So I’m going to just stop. Putting some of this lovely Ganush wall on the top, let it go and gravity will do its own thing. You can sit down just pa, pa, pa, pa. Like this, I’ve also put a little bit of orange extract into the chocolate, into the spoon, so we’ve got a chocolate orange, you no longer really hungry and oh, this is my favorite tool. So this this is an offset spatula.

And what we do with this chocolate closer to the camera is just.

Stroke can use a flat, knife costs. On it goes, and then you do the same with the endless. So you just it’s like being a plaster, so you cover the ends up and when it sets a little bit, you just go well and make those lovely Almog like grooves into the chocolate.

So I put that to one side because I hope you’ve got the idea that in your own kitchens you’ve got longer to take care with the process. So this is one that I did do the day, and I’m going to take a little bit of holly off so you can see the. You’ve got the grooves, and I always, always like to put some snow on your lawn. When you do, don’t you? You’ve got to go for it. So that’s a bit of icing, sugar.

Just sit on that, and if you did nothing else, if you did nothing else at all. A little tiny bit of holly. What do exactly what it needs to do to make that book special, but I like to do a bit extra. So what I’ve done here in advance, I’ve counted some orange slices. Campbell, orange slices and I have made some little chocolate. There was meant to be like Christmas tree shapes, but you can see can you make a lot of those?

And all done with that is got some chocolate chips, the ones that are as cheap as chips, probably the pipe in back of melted butter in the microwave is probably set now.

But you just take the tiniest tiny snippet of that and just pipe. The shapes. Oh, yeah. Maria. You can have fun with the park in bad shape, do a few people in the French. So that’s the candied oranges. I’ll put the recipe on the website, but it’s just sugar and water. You make a syrup and you slice a medium sized orange thataway. It’s a nice thin slices and you punch them really and finish them off in a very low oven.

And so they go, they’re not hard. You could eat them across the sweet if I’m using them for decoration.

So that’s how you look. Obviously not very raw. So take the holiday off. I’ve got some of the leftover ganache, so it’s burned up and I’ll pop it in a piping bag with a star nozzle. This is all optional. It’s just showing you things you can do. And I’m just I’ll fetch it to you.

I won’t expect you to come to me.

So I’m just going to squeeze, squeeze and pull, squeeze, pull. And then I’m going to.

Larry. Carefully. I’m just making this up as I go along. That’s the beauty of this answer, the Ganush. Well, I guess so. And then I’ve got these extra decorations that I’ve just discussed with you. I’m just going to. Balance those in that behind. You see how marvelous, marvelous what you can do. It’s transformed. It looks like a Gallion. I saw three ships come sailing by on Christmas Day. On Christmas Day, sorry.

And then of course, just because you’ve got your holiday, Michelle just popped the. Just in the. So can you say actually, it’s very easy to do at home, just take your time and follow the instructions on the website. Now, I finished that. I think it’s great that would address your Christmas table or buffet that floor.

So I’d like to say thank you to Durham County Council for inviting me along to the online festival. And now’s the chance for everybody to hook up online and see what all the traders they’ve all got the the pages and what we’re selling can get your Christmas food.

You can get your Christmas drinks, you can get your Christmas presents all on the Durham Council website for the online festival, Food and Drink.

And then let’s look forward to the food festivals, the real ones next year in 2021 at. Oh, yeah.

Bishop Auckland. I’m not saying. And the sun’s blowing. I’m blinded by the lights. So at this point, I wish you all a very merry Christmas.

Karen Wright Gingerbread Video Recipe Transcript

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas. It’s not it’s not actually Christmas quite yet, but I’m getting into the spirit of the season already and so is Durham County Council and the Brillion. They set up a virtual life online events festival, food and drink to support all the traders and the businesses that have missed out so much during this year. Normally, of course, we’ve had the wonderful food festivals, arts system and arts Bishop Auckland, and of course, it’s all have to be scrapped.

Now we’re working on it, the council working on the plans for next year. So let’s keep our fingers crossed, everybody.

But in the meantime, to support all the businesses and the traders. And that’s what we said then. Well, I haven’t I’ve just been invited to come along. I’m Karen and I was on Great British Bake Off a couple of years ago. So I’ve been asked to come along and do something Christmassy and for the cars. So I am. Here we go. First I’m going to do some decorating and biscuits. Now you can find the actual recipe and method for the biscuits on the website.

So the food festival website, the food festival website, where you can of course, go online and look at the traders and purchase things and get all Christmassy everything he can to help. But in the meantime, I’m going to do the glasses on and it’s going to be really quick because, well, you’ve got all the things to do about the holiday. So look what I’ve done here.

You know, your gingerbread men, everybody knows gingerbread men. Well, if you turn a regular gingerbread man. The real. You can make a road off, I think that great, so I’ve got those I want to do a couple of those and I’ve got some little ones on hand for the Christmas tree is kind of another one here. Now, this one has got a stained glass window effect. I shall just mention briefly our deal that is so easy.

And my little favorite, I think you can imagine if you did like a selection of these, pop them in the gift bag. It’s some of lovely ribbon presents, so I’m going to do so for you and then see how we go. So I have to move these out of the way a little bit. So what I’ve got here are some Cotter’s I’ve used obviously a gingerbread man for both of them.

I kind of got a little Christmas break so you can pick us up from all over.

We are online now, the one of the stained glass window I always try to shape and to get a hole in the middle for the stained glass I just used. This nozzle, it’s punched a hole in it and the trick is a glass, a freund’s are both straight and the whole one wrapped goes in the hole and it just makes melts down. And you’ve got look red well. Isn’t that beautiful? So simple, so true, say, I’ve got my quarters out of the way.

Oh, if you want to put them on the tray, you need to punch a hole through the biscuit like I’ve done here before. You make it when it comes out of the oven, just push it through again because it sometimes seals up a bit. Then you go so easy.

So, oh, I’ve got my McGivern. For the hang in, I’ve got mostly softball things saying you make biscuits and you either buy or make, and I will put the recipe for the royal icing on the on the site as well. So, listen, I’ve got a nozzle just because I happen to have them. But to be honest with this sort of stuff, if you get a five body and just step off the tiniest bit, then you don’t need another lot of them have got the type of thing that you can buy in any supermarket.

Kids love these variety icings. I’ve got some Smarties. I’ve got some little games for the buttons and I’ve got some googly eyes. You can get these from all the supermarkets now. And I’ve got this from the local supermarket. These are holly berries and leaves. And that’s what to make of this this little thing. Can you see how pretty that is? Oh, OK. So no further ado. Let’s do a regular. Gingerbread man.

So you can do what you like, kids can do this, but what I like to do is squeeze and put him some slaves on regular, regular, regal. Squeeze in another one on, there will be no real. So. Well, Charles, the bottoms of his trousers. Just a bit of fancy and then he needs some boxers, so squeeze one squeeze to squeeze three. Now you can just leave that as it is for if you want to.

Kids like to do this, they can put some little colored beans on to trim it off a little bit. So I’ve got three different colors going on that now, facial expressions, you come here with the googly eyes. But I just posted the double blue and got in a couple of Google’s going, OK, now one. To. Hi, I’m a little bit of the red tulips Christmas, but a little bit of the red for a little mouse squeeze and although adults find.

Safe cue. All I won’t do a whole other one, because we’ve got quite a few to get through, but if you want to do this without the Google wants to make them yourself, then you can get loads of expression. So on this squeeze a bigger. Why? I think you can actually buy this as well. Readymade if you want to. You don’t need to make your own little. So I put the Y on there and one of the black.

Kids writing icings, you can squeeze a dump for his pupils, and that’s when you can make it a little bit crazy. Because it can it can make him cross-eyed or he can make him look to the heavens, whatever you like.

Little tip, if you have a little paintbrush handy, you can tidy that up if it just gets a little bit smaller. What would you say? What’s going on in Florida? So, of course, you can use your own imagination here. You can use colors. The kids would go mad to do this. Just like I used in the light bulb or some easy. OK, so moving on now, this is what I really like, if you can get hold of this miniature candy canes, I got mine online, but a lot of these shots will have this sort of thing at Christmas and that’s going to be the Arkless.

So remember, return it all the way up and using some of the great aliasing as a global.

Just Rosendale. The candy cane. My life and pointing outwards. Press it down. It might take a few minutes. Stick. OK. And that was the other one. Just making sure the clothing otherwise enough to paint in their own way and just squeeze.

Well, on that island, arrange it and again, the same principle with the eyes, I’m going to use Google.

It was that of a ball because I think the phone. But you can just make, you know, like I did with the olive oil and knows why is of course, Rudolf’s got some it knows it wouldn’t be Rudolph if you didn’t have one.

So choices that I’ve got are a red smartie can be saved.

That’s say. Nice half, half a red glass, a cherry that’s a big red ortolan to love like so well soon as I’ve got a half Chevy, let’s put this.

So I’m just doing it on really.

And you can pull expression on these if you want, so you can eyebrows and obviously you can give it a little mouth. I’m just going to give it a. Smarmily. You could back this up again and put the ribbon on the desk.

So what else have we got? As quick as I can, quick as a Christmas tree. All I’m going to do with this one is squeezing. I’m following the outline.

That the tray. Chris. Paul Highwood says I wasn’t the icing. Well, that was praise, indeed. So that’s the idea, you can, of course, buy these toasts in the supermarket and you can just give it a little bit of glitter on that. And with the.

So here we are. This is the. Sweetie, in that, again, I’ll just show you what I’ve done on that wall. I mean, it’s just whatever you fancy. I’ve done some lines and some dots. I’m done with piping. It’s all to do with the pressure. It was it got me back, but it’s a little bit practice. You’ll probably find that.

You could say it’s not my hand.

So, yeah, a squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And the analysis, I’m sitting down at my table in the kitchen, which is a lovely thing to do Christmas time, and especially with the kids if you get the Christmas carols on. And you get a glass of sherry or something like that. So we just got involved and this was my favorite. I said that, didn’t I said this one. Just using the shock bolt, I think that in all I made a nice ground on with a hole so DrippiN can go in there and that just screams, they’re not realizing.

They need nimble fingers with these, and I haven’t got them, but normally I would put three leaves and a couple of three little red berries, stick them wherever you like redecorating.

I don’t find the odd numbers. Our best one three five seven. And it just sort of works from an artistic point of view. So on this one, I’m just going to put one on because you know what I’m doing. You can see what’s happening here. And then I put some snow drops all around the long squeeze squeeze, you can do them all over if you like. That’s the fun about this can be really creative. I’m not crazy.

It’s all just eat them. See, and of course, I’ve got some gold, but. How beautiful does that look? So after all this gets so I’m really, really, really pleased with those, I’m going to just have to give these away now to my neighbors because I’ve got lots of children around, so that’s good.

And so just back to the online festival, you can find everything you need to know about the festival, the online festival by going on the website. So it’s a totally different festival, arts festival, food and drink. OK, and that’s where you got to find out what’s going on. That’s where you go to find out what the traders are selling so you can get some Christmas presents and produce because obviously it’s all about beautiful food and all the great things in the region that we are now looking forward to for two thousand and twenty one.

OK, so from me to you, have a very merry Christmas.

Thank you.