Joe Hurd Durham Pork Ragu Video Recipe Transcript

Christmas, oh, it’s Christmas morning. Well, we’ve just opened our stocking. Did you get all the presents he want, but I got nothing.

Well, it’s Christmas morning in the Allan Hird house. Hope to get the mood going.

We’ve already drunk a lovely bottle of kava because it’s Christmas and now we’re going to start preparing for the traditional Christmas pork ragout. And A, it is really simple.

This recipe is really easy. You just need a bit of pork loin, some carrots, celery, onion, tomato, polenta and parsley.

Maybe some wine is a cheap dish to do pork. And I have got a carrot from a local market, celery from our local market. So I got this, which is the heart of the celery. Right. First things first, you get any tips. Here’s my nice, cheap and cheerful IKEA, my kitchen is the same as yours, the galley kitchen. It’s not very big. Oh, my pants are quite cheap and basic. My Italian grandparents had absolutely nothing.

They live their lives very much like it was in 1948. You know, they still have like bakelite light switches and stuff. If you don’t need to buy all the gear, all the gear. No idea.

So we’re just going to prep all the vegetables. And if you’re watching if you’re on a budget right now, you can’t afford to throw stuff away like us, then you’ve got to use everything and ragus million to put all my offcuts into looking for.

And it is a pill. That’s my staff on the field, this covers everything into nonstop. So let me go back to my stop will put the alien in when I do that, I’m just going to chop everything up. You can’t have this chunky, right? You shouldn’t be. I know a lot of people may complain and it’s big and clumpy. And if you like that, absolutely fine. But what you’ve got to think is it’s not really a stew.

You want all the meat, all the vegetables to be roughly the same size.

The celery leaves, what I like about celery, it’s like I said, is there’s a kind of a revive going on. You can actually smell it a little bit is quite unusual. Quite incredible. I think it makes it reminds me a little bit of fennel, fennel seeds and pork and felt very, very great sofrito. And now we’re going to do the onion will start cooking that down. And we want to cook that about 30 minutes before the cook on its own.

Got to chop that onion small, chopped up into a nice and small. We get that stock going just Cold War to bring it to the boil with all of that parsley, odean, celery and carrot offcuts in there. And that’s really good if you make in a stew or a soup later in the week to save, there’s already and just slowly cooking away at a drop of water and a pinch of salt. We’re going to cook that for 20 minutes to pop in.

That, of course, the polenta will show you how to make it really, really tasty because its own tasted anything.

Is Merry Christmas don’t have them been cooking for.

We’ve been cooking this for now about it’s about 15 minutes in a little bit of stock just to stop it catching. The onions are becoming translucent. I’m going to add to the rest of the vegetables now, so that’s the sofrito we made earlier, the carrots, the onion and the celery.

Now let’s get the pan, nice and hot. Going to see it off the pork in the pan that’s getting caramelized. That Maillard reaction. We the stock just took it away. Look at that. That is beautiful. Really, really nice. Just to have a color in on that.

We’ll have a little white wine. Some people always say you as red wine with red meat. And I find red wine when it’s cooked. It’s a bit too much. It becomes a bit too acidic. Plus, I think red wine and tomato don’t go lovely, cheap and cheerful as the suave, about four pound a bottle description of the lively lemon apple. Brilliant. Look at the color on that. Yeah, that’s what we will bring defined back here.

Take my blue one. Also, a swab swab is Italian for Genty and. Yes, now what we need to do is put out. I’m going to add the tomato now. So there’s Raghu and it’s just come to the bubble now, so when you see these bubbles here, when you see these just popping away, you can turn the heat down, sitting down to about four. So a medium gas ah, we can leave this now for hours and hours and oh, it’s like six hours now.

So we’ve got about half an hour left on the cargo and I’ve already tasted crewmates for the baby and it is fantastic. The meat is now falling apart. So it’s time to get the polenta on the go is going about 250 grams of polenta and we’re going to do it to about half a liter of boiling water. So the lens has been cooking for about 30 minutes and adding butter, a little bit of salt and a little bit of Parmesan cheese as we’ve been going along and just mixing it.

And it’s got this wonderful kind of gloopy kind of stage where it’s not it’s not to running. It’s just that perfect consistency. So we’re probably about five minutes of serving. But before we serve, I’ve just got to say, if you were this project has been set up to support the trade is at a time when they can’t get out there and trade. It’s a really difficult time for all of us in the hospitality and food industry, especially especially in light events.

So I’m so grateful that this is actually happened. It’s been delivered by Durham County Council. So this video has been funded by the county council. Durham, I love you. And there are a lot of people say that about places they’ve never been. But I have been I’ve got very fond memories of Durham and the county land of the Bishop. Prince is one of my favorite parts of the U.K. I wish we could have got up there this year.

We were supposed to have been to the festival and it didn’t happen. There’s already planning in motion for Bishop Auckland and See and Festival in 2021. I hope this happens. If it does, I will definitely be there a thousand percent with bells on. And don’t miss the website for news on the traders and what they’re going to be up to. We need to support the trades this time. Guys, seriously, you need to find out their website for you to be ordering from.

Durham is it is a county with a very rich heritage and a fantastic terroir where you get some wonderful property, said please support them right to. We finished with this then. Yeah, OK. Well, I really hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video as much as I’ve enjoyed making it, and if you want to see any more of us stuff, it’s actually heard Cook. Do you like the videos like this? The big thanks to Durham Council. And I hope to see you in Bishop Auckland and see him next year.

Merry Christmas.