Jane Beedle Almond, Cranberry and Orange Biscotti
Video Recipe Transcript

Hello, it’s Jane from the Great British Bake Off, and I’m delighted to be supporting Durham County Council in its initiative to support all the wonderful foods producers and local traders that didn’t manage to get to any of the food festivals this year because of all the horrendous that’s going on. I was particularly sorry not to get to Portland this year. I so enjoy coming up to see you guys. But hopefully they’re both the same and the support from food festivals will happen next year.

And so we’re just trying to do our little bit to brighten everybody’s day and maybe give us some ideas of what you can make for Christmas. So do check out the website. There’s lots of things going on, lots of recipes, lots of people doing wonderful things. So do join in. So today I’m going to be making biscotti brilliant for Christmas gift. You can make it now and it’ll still be absolutely fine come December.

My husband loves them. I make them every week. They really treat with early morning tea. And so really, really simple and relatively inexpensive. So I’ve got 320 grams of ordinary plain flour here. I’m going to add two teaspoons ouzts or teaspoon in that I’m going to add two teaspoons of baking baking powder. I mean, you could be celebrating five, but you don’t get quite the same lift. So it’s better to use plain and simple and the like you had yourself, you control your you control the rice.

So that’s part of our duty. Teaspoons of baking powder. The recipes on the website. So there is something down about 200 grams of castor sugar. And I’m just going to put that in that it’s a good with round. And if you do with a fork, you don’t need to switch or anything like that. Just make sure it’s really well combined. Now, I’m going to do anything almonds in this. I’ve got about 150 grams of almonds with the skin on.

You can use what you like. You can use any nuts that you fancy. Pistachios are really pretty. Actually, one of the combinations I like is pistachio and apricot and orange. That’s really lovely. So I’m going to put this in because it’s Christmas. I’ve got some dried unsweetened cranberries you can use any dried fruit you like. Really raisins are good. I tend not to use too many raisins at home because my dogs jump on anything. It’s dropped on the floor and races are very good for them.

But cranberries seem to be fine. So I’m going to put that in there and I’m going to stick great in the zest of an orange.

And you don’t have to do this. I just you don’t have to do this or I’ve got zester. You don’t have to do this. I just like we are in first place. I think it’s a nice little touch when you’re brushing your orange in there trying not to take any of the white stuff. It just is a little bit better and doesn’t otherwise flavour and then be on the juice from the orange. You can just have the breakfast for a little bit or something for a bit of a backspace.

But already I’ve got this wonderful smell of orange in here. It conjures up Christmas Christmas morning to me. I just love the smell of orange. So here we go as much as you can. Decent sized orange. We can use satsumas or Clementine’s, but a big old orange is much easier to to get the best of use the greater. I just got a fancy old and fancy old system that takes my knuckles. All right. So give us a good mix up.

Now, I’ve got three large eggs in here. Give me a quick wave and put them in.

And because I’ve got almonds in there, I’m going to add some almond extract. Wow. Teaspoon, something like that. A little bit more.

Maybe if you were going to use hazelnuts instead of the almonds, then use vanilla because that goes really nicely. Now, don’t panic with this. I had somebody in a class that I showed how to do this. So when he went home to make it and he he panicked that he was going to be to dry, it is it will come together. Don’t add any more liquid to it. If you’ve got three large eggs, it will get there, I promise you.

So give him as much of a mix as you can in the bowl and then check out the work surface. Try not to get too much on the field and start to bring it together. You can be quite firm with it. It begins to feel sticky, you can already see it starting to stick in my hands and the flower will get all incorporated with that and you just need to work. But it doesn’t take long to just couple of minutes of then it’s actually fine.

I used to chop the almonds up, but actually you don’t need to do that. You can. They just carve very nicely. We’ll see. You’ll see. It’s very, very it’s a double weight process with a bit of fiddling around somewhere in the middle. So I will show you it’s all coming together really nicely. Make sure you don’t lose any of those cranberries or raisins or whatever you using. And certainly many of the nuts escape. OK, that’s just about I get see, because it’s coming together in quite a nice dough now that I’ve got on my hands.

But we know about that too much. So that’s three logic’s in this.

And I think the logic weighs about 63 grams there or thereabouts in itself. So that’s what you’re after. So then go pick up the dough. I’m just going to work with half of it just because of making sheet left at the moment.

And I’m going to use a little bit of a little bit of flour on my. So it’s just to roll this out, say it took no time to build it up.

So easy peasy.

So you will divide that whole mixture into four equal for equal parts and then roll it out just with your hands and you won’t have to be about 30 centimetres long.

There or thereabouts, so just I’m just popping your own baking sheet lined with this sort of silicon sheets that you can buy and chop up and keep motions to the dishwasher if you don’t have any of this baking parchment and that works just fine. Don’t just put it on a greased baking sheet because, well, frankly, I don’t like to get all that extra grease on the bottom of these things. You’ll know, apart from the oil in the nuts, we haven’t put any fat in this recipe at all.

Plenty of sugar fat. So there you go. So you will need for baking sheets because I’ve got the other half sitting here and this goes in the oven for about 25 minutes at 150.

See a final one. So that’s one hundred and sixty five I think would do it if you’re in a conventional oven and that goes in for twenty five minutes. This is what you get out, they are slightly Rishon.

And cracks on the surface. And spread a little bit, and that’s just what you’re looking for, if it’s so soft, it’s just very, very pale color. It’s a little bit soft when you take it in the oven or you’ve got two sheets. And at the same time, one of these might cook a little bit more slowly. It depends on your. But just pop it in for another five minutes. Once you take that out, you need to turn the apple down to one hundred and twenty five degrees centigrade, seven hundred thirty five Fahrenheit or something.

And then what we’re going to do, chopping block. So is the slightly creamy board and you let it cool while the other is cooling down. Now some people just cut them straight across the spectrum and so some people come straight across all the way. I like to cut and I know it does mean you get some longer than some slightly shorter ones, but it doesn’t seem to matter. It is just if you want to be really precise in your presence, you can just sort all the sensations together.

So I’m cutting across several of the end bits, sort of Wall Street, really. I don’t want to rebate those or actually, as my husband treat, he just was pinching those bits. And then I can see it’s about I don’t know what it is. I just said to me to think something like that would make good on those things. What about the thickness of my little finger to thicken? And they were baked the second time. Probably they’ll be dry on the outside and soft in the middle.

So about centimetre thick and they just go through and chop them all, hopefully at the same angle. It doesn’t take long and if you put a good bread knife, it’ll go through those knots just fine. And. I began like, so you get good. Distribution of nuts and fruit in there, and you lay them back onto the baking sheet cup side up, and I’m just going to do that in a minute.

So you put on the baking sheet cut side up. And they go into the other, said 125 Safonov, and for 12 minutes, no more, don’t panic about them. So you pop like 12 minutes.

And then up to 12 minutes. And turn them over, turn them over. And I’d like to turn over the opposite way, because I always lose my concentration as I’m turning them over and I can’t remember where I finish. So if you turn them over, so they’re facing in a different direction, you know exactly where you’ve been, the turn or so really, you just drawing them out.

You don’t want them to be teeth cracking. You just want them to be dry all the way through and delicious in a coffee or a she thinks the Italians do they stick it in some of that way.

So it goes back in the oven and. There you have it. I mean, it’s as simple as that, really. We’ve got absolutely delicious biscotti that will keep forever, almost forever and ever and ever.

And all you have to remember to do is to make as a log for 25 minutes, not when they’re particular cooler. Drive them for 12 minutes, one side or 12 minutes the other. I mean, what a delicious gift. I see. Fantastic. You’ve determine if you want to make them a little bit more special. I don’t think you need to be perfect. I mean, they could just as they are now, I’m going to put some in this cellophane bag because I think it really is.

Now, this is part for my full 15 years with a mixture of this. One is a compostable cellophane bag. I’m trying not to use any single use plastics. And certainly I’m came from for a whole year. These are compostable. You can buy them online and just. Stick with the bag. Depending on how many much you like the person, how big a bag you want to put them in. Finally, get yourself a nice little Mystic River where you can put these in a kilojoule, they look lovely in a cool Majar as well.

All right, I’m Peter Washhouse Jangles, especially some of the taller ones. You can get the bigger ones or and just take the sticky label off if you can get a level with to get the label and put a ribbon around it and use those. I mean, let’s recycle and reuse everything. Why should we go and buy anything? So there we go. Absolutely delightful little gifts to get to people at Christmas. I think people would be so chuffed to think that you made something, especially with that, and it would give them a little bit more fuzzy feeling in this horrid Cauvin times when on Christmas, I think is going to be very weird this year.

But there you have it. It’s a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant gift. Relatively cheap to make, really special to give. So thank you very much for watching. I’m going to be doing some other videos for them. There’ll be a Christmas dessert and there’ll be other gift ideas. So do tune in for some of the other videos and look for the recipes online. Thanks so much. Bye bye.

Jane Beedle Coconut Ice
Video Recipe Transcript

Hello, it’s Jane, the Great British Bake Off. I’m delighted to be supporting Durham County Council in support of all the local food traders who missed out on Seyoum and food festivals this year. Let’s hope it’ll happen next year because I can’t wait to come up and see you guys. In the meantime, I’m going to share several little food things with you for Christmas, this being one of them. And Super Easy, a wonderful gift at Christmas. It’s kind of nice now.

Everybody does pink and white coconuts, but I think we can do a little bit better than that. So I’m going to show you some fun things to make with the kids and they can get really stuck in no baking involved. So I’ve got children 25, five grams of icing sugar. You don’t need to write this down. It will be able to go to the website and the future of spices, sugar, 200 grams of desiccated coconut and half a can of condensed milk.

This is the carnation one which I always find is fantastic. But I’ve noticed that a lot of the lot of the shops are doing, or at least it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s condensed and I’m going to color this green because we’re going to make it look like Christmas trees. So what are the food coloring you’ve got? Just put some in and then you can always make it a bit darker. If if it’s too nice, if you put too much into the starch, you can’t really make it lighter if that makes sense.

So just give it a good stir. That’s what it is. It’s just icing sugar. I picked them up so I could just catch coconuts and condensed milk and you mix it all up and it gets a bit hard in the bowl. So don’t be afraid to just check it out on the work surface, try and get it all on the surface. And I on the floor, I got a dog down here that you can’t see because it’s clearing up anything that might just fall.

She’s a very good who is Alemany, which is why she’s not quite as many as she should be anyway. So this is obvious to the kids. It should be a little bit dry. It will come together. If you look at some recipes, they haven’t quite got so much icing sugar in or quite so much coconut in, but I find this holds together really well. And also, you know, all the recipes, you’ll find that it says it will dry up in two or three hours.

Well, if it doesn’t dry in two or three hours, for me, it dries in nearly two or three days. So just don’t do it at the last minute because you won’t know if you’re going to give it as gifts. You might be able to pick it up because it’ll be too wet. So give it a good old maid. I think that’s almost green enough, but if you want it a bit greener, then just add a bit more color.

Now I’m going to just make life a lot easier. It is a wee bit sticky. I’ve got to basically take care of silicon sheets that you might have worked very well too. This just makes it sticky if you if you don’t and it might stick to the work surface and ruin what you’ve done. So just really that’s one of the things you won’t really I don’t know what it’s actually mine is maybe a couple of centimetres, but you can make it.

Well that finishes. You just say don’t get too thin. And then I have got here just across the street. Kasser is any color you like really. But I’m just going to mark out. Mark, my shape’s. I’m just going to do a few to give you the idea. To see how many can get out, so I’ve got five hours of this at the moment. I was just come up with the thing. What you want to do is try and lift all the things we’ve seen, lift off the bits that aren’t in the Christmas tree shape, and then you can just roll eyes out and start all over again.

I’m just going to go with a knife or of how it might if it us too much, just shuffle them along a bit or give yourself a bit more space in the first instance, which is what I should have done for that coming up. All right, look, I not I told you about quite how to give yourself some space from the sheets so that the fireplace, the Christmas trees here and his some of you did not touch this instead of just royal icing, which is just icing sugar mixed up with a little bit of egg white because it dries really nice and crisply and is very good.

And I put it in one of these squeezy bottles. But yes, he is a popping bag if you if you’ve got one of these, because it’s quite good for kids, if if they’re not too stiff, I think they use them to catch up and you just have to shake it down a bit. But it’s not coming down pat. That’s say plans are one day. So I’m just going to put some of this royal icing on here because that means I can then decorate it and you can do it at this stage.

I’ll just do want to show you, I’ve got here all sorts of sprinkles and bits and bobs. I’ve got some nice red. Then my little mini Smarties or éminence, so I’m going to put this. But there’s ultimatum like baboon’s I’ve got some pink ones as well, maybe like these pink Mariamne is the purple, just get a packet of chocolate and they would do it great fun. They need to be big enough. He could use sprinkles. And I’ve got some styles.

So I think because it’s Christmas tree, I’m going to stick a star on the top. But at least this is what they say is upside down. No way he could have a separate. Can you guys see that? And they have a Christmas tree. Now, this winter, I put them in and I sent him back for the ribbon around them. And they’re great for gifts. Oh, you don’t have to do Christmas trees here. I have got some baubles.

So they the round ones. I did make pink and then I did the mint chocolate to make some baubles that I’m hanging on this tree. Oh, if you took out 25 grams of your own security, you can put cocoa in and decorate them to make them look like Christmas puddings, which I think a huge fan so much better and much more fun for the kids to make than ordinary came like coconuts. Ice, of course, think about coconut is acceptable.

But if you can do some Christmas trees, some puddings or just some baubles to hang on the tree, how lovely that you make them all yourself. So much better than to picked down the supermarket and buy some chocolate ornaments. So thank you very much for watching. There are plenty of other videos for Christmas gifts, and I’m going to put up a really lovely Christmas dessert that you can get in the freezer now. So keep watching, keep supporting and hope CO2 Food Festival near you next year.

Thanks a lot. Bye bye.

Jane Beedle Mincemeat Ice Cream Terrine
Video Recipe Transcript

Hello, it’s Jane. I’m delighted to be supporting Durham County Council and this support of all the wonderful food traders who didn’t get to go to the same local food festival in 2020. I hope that I’m going to be up there to see you at food festivals next year, because I love coming up to see you guys.

So I’m going to be doing some little videos to show you some delicious things to make it Christmas. And today is a wonderful prepare ahead. Stick it in the freezer. Forget about it till Christmas Day dessert. So I have got here a little one pound frantic. And if you if you’ve got the bigger version, the two pounds, which are much more common than just double this recipe recipes on the website. So let me try something, Jo. And so I’m just going to not releasing it at all.

This is an interesting one, but this might be different. I’m just going to line it one way with a piece of paper for the first just one lengthways one. Don’t worry, if it doesn’t cover the sides, that is absolutely fine. You can spend hours lining. It has no need.

I have got to hand it some to five grams of do I say cherries, just the ones you get in supermarket in the baking section. And some of the cuts mix peel again just for baking section and I’m going to run sorry.

And it’s going to roughly chop that all up. I know the peel is already chopped, but it’s much nicer to have slightly smaller pieces. I think if you do this in a food processor, but you stand a chance of maybe chopping it really to two finally and turning into if you want to put some chopped pecans, some chopped pistachios in there for a touch of green raisins, if you want to try it again, just chopping a little upset, it is going to get a great big dollop of whatever whatever it is.

I didn’t take it off. So this is an iced chocolate terrine? Well, not really chocolate, actually. My son hates white chocolate and when he knew the terrain, he thought he was going to lose a lot. But it’s so, so simple. So I have got here half two. Oh, what thing? I meant to tell you. It’s going to have some information it now if we do anything else, you want to just get half a jar of mincemeat and warm it through in the microwave.

And the reason why is when you buy mincemeat or even make yourself, you can very often have the little bits of suet in it and excuse the of camera noises. It’s my dog having a yawn and it’s got little bits of suet in it. Now, you don’t really want to be much into a little bit of suet, so if you just warm it up in the microwave, well, 30 seconds, 40 seconds until that suit melts, then it makes a much nicer eating experience.

But you need to let that cool before you put it in this so edible. I’m going to put half a can of condensed milk. This means that the the ice cream mixture, which is basically what it is, is not going to crystallise. So you don’t need an ice cream cone for this. I would have been in half a can of condensed milk. I got 200 grams of thick Greek yogurt. Just this is Culp’s own, but it’s the full fat, but not the low fat one.

And that’s just 200 grams of that. And I’m going to push in a 300 male of double. You can have a bit of alcohol, too, if you wanted to, but I’m making this child friendly and I’ve got some very finely grated orange zest here.

When when you get an orange, try and not go into the pits or the white stuff underneath because that tastes bitter and it’s really not very pleasant.

So less is more when aggression and rage give out a bit of a stir.

I’m going to apologize for the noise now because I’m just going to Whiskeytown.

In the meantime, six that’s come between us and splattering all over my face now, probably because they have to make a deal. Make sure you have an apron and give it to me, Scott. It’ll be 50 cents. Oh, and. Cream cheese, Omarska. I mean, I think she was going to look at this and this might take the company. Ice cream, anything you want to say, I’m a lefty, I’m a retired, it’s something we love this company and if you did it, it would just stop at gunpoint.

So I see this is the condition of the children who have been doing that. And I think that might be a bit strong, this one, because I think he’s going to be quite nice as well or anything like that. And you can also try to put some notes just to be very careful when you’re having a little too to the chocolate and seize up with that and you’ll get chocolate. I mean, he’s got an. And just to be able to the things that anybody right.

We’re not to he so many. You can see it’s beginning to show. Any will have to a. Probably if you do this, I understand the quickness now with it a little bit longer than I twisted up, but that’s funding for the purposes of this design. So I’m going to put maraging.

I’m just going to sort through all this lovely fruit now said before you can put nuts in, which is absolutely delicious, too. So we’ve got orange and fruit.

And there we have it in my mind. I want to put I’m going to put enough of this to come halfway up the sides now, there’s probably too much texture in here for this this little tin. But what I did with the spam, I did what I did.

One I is I put it into little individual ice cream, also little molds, and then wicks them out when we can insert a bit of ice cream after lunch. So it’s never wasted. But to be perfectly honest, it’s just delicious because it’s so I’ll give it to you then try and just get it halfway up and then smooth it off just a little bit with my finger licking and then take comments made.

That’s cool. And just gently lace over the top. So basically, it’s a mincemeat ice cream sandwich and homemade mincemeat. That was a mine actually from last year.

It’s lovely, but you noticed the sharpness of some of the world’s a great as to cut through the sweetness of this dessert, really even a layer of that.

And then I’m just going to very gently. To Peter. With seven don’t too badly, there is a bit too much, but I’ll just fill up my little ice cream molds or stick it in a ramekin or a plastic container and then just scoop it out. Doesn’t matter if it comes up a bit higher than the mold. That’s absolutely fine. So there you go. And it’s really that simple pop that’s in the freezer, give it a good day to to freeze and it’s ready to take out in the morning.

When? Christmas Day. Now, let me just show you a lovely little touch. So here in true blue peach fashion is one I prepared earlier. I found my Summitville. This one looks out of it, will top its banks to freeze about 10 minutes now. And it just wasn’t put out, it just lifts out really easily. She just put a dish to put it on and to do a lovely terrine, but we’re not going to stop that.

I have got here some chocolate tuna, a grams of chocolate. I just melted down in the microwave with 50 grams of butter. And I’m going to.

Drizzle it over the top. So let it just drizzle down the sides a bit. They could do this in a public park in the freezer again, if you want to get this done so you don’t have this hassle on the day, not that it’s much of a hassle, really. Is it a good let’s just give it a little bit of a spread with a knife and let it just fall down the sides?

Now, you could put some orange. So nice, candied orange on the top, you could put some caramelized nuts on the top or if you didn’t want to do any of that. I mean, just get yourself a nice, clean, washed piece of holly and put up on the job and there you have it, a really pricey, so, so simple, delicious ice cream during the Christmas Day or any other day.

So have a look at the website. Have a look at this recipe. It’ll take a lot of hassle out of your Christmas Day preparations and do look at some of the other recipes that I put up as well. Lovely, yummy gifts and things to the kids. So thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you soon.

Jane Beedle Soft Amaretti
Video Recipe Transcript

Hello, it’s Jane from Great British Bake Off. I’m delighted to be supporting Durham County Council in their initiative to support local traders. It’s been hard for everybody this year and nobody managed to go to food festivals. Him and Auckland didn’t happen. And I was supposed to be the food festival. And I was very sad not not to come up and see you all up there.

And so this is to support all the wonderful food producers and local traders who would normally be at the festivals with, look, we’re all going to be at food festivals next year. But in the meantime, I’m doing one or two little videos to cheer you up at Christmas. Really. So do support all the initiatives that are on the General Council website. And it’s really lovely that you will have found it anyway because you are watching this. You’re obviously on the right website.

So today I’m going to be making. Soft mercy biscuits, they are one of my daughter’s favorite things at Christmas. I used to buy them for her in a tin. It was a standard every year in the Christmas stocking. And I don’t know why I ever bought them, because they’re much nicer if you make them yourself. And so simple, the kids can help you do it. Is that absolutely brilliant? And I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like them.

So in this bowl, I have got to push five grams of egg white and you can buy pasteurized egg whites in cartons in the supermarket, which is really convenient, but otherwise I’m managing the whole recipe. So this is four to five grams, which is about one and a half large egg whites. But if you’re making them for gifts, just double up, just doubling up the recipes on the website so you don’t need to be writing this down. So in a spring kingly clean bowl, I have got my egg whites and I’m just going to weskit to soft drinks.

If you don’t have a really, really clean bill, do you think it’s worth risk? So if in doubt, just get it a ground with a piece, the kitchen will be so much better. Make sure increases come out five years ago. Also, because plastic bottles seem to really match the Greens. They’ve big traditional. But they never seem to get to just make the trip the norm, and that is the red line. Behind the scenes, I think it’s due to the.

To somewhere between 40 and 50. Try not to overdo it, since he is when you put your foot all over your head and that is making you like a. And this is just about it, I think if you can see in the bullets, you get things which are peaks and they just tip over a bit and actually I can hold it over my head. Luckily, I don’t look a fool.

So I am just going to this in here. 100 grams of Costa sugar. Hundred twenty five grams of ground almonds and I forgot to get my ultimate extract out. And almond extract is excellent use extract is much, much nicer, and it just gives it that little bit of almond flavor. Some people say put lemon in, some people say, but whenever I got the almond and it just put about half a teaspoon in there giving a good stir to beat it, you just want to get it all incorporated because this will puff up very much.

The the air that you just put into the ground will help to make them soft and delicious. Just give them give it so it all comes together in a nice to not really a paste but to actually see just nice. Nice. A fairly soft mixture. Now, if it’s really soft, you can just pop this in the fridge just to fold it up a little bit. But to be honest, it should be fine.

So this half a half mixture will make 12, 12, 12. Oh, sorry. This half mixture will make 12 Amoretti. And if you take. If you take the bulls sort of the size of a walnut and not a huge walnut, that’s perfect. Now here I’ve got a plate of icing sugar. I’m just going to roll that in the icing sugar. Puppets on a baking sheet lined with silicon silicon sheets, but you can just use baking parchment.

That’s absolutely fine. That’s it to go baking parchment or greaseproof paper and grease the tray because you don’t want the sort of whatever you grease the tray with going up to the bottom of your biscuit. So I’m just going to put this together. Now, these will keep for about about two to three weeks in an airtight container.

If you’re going to pack these up as Christmas gifts, it’s nice to put them in a cellophane by a good piece of ribbon around it and then store that in an air tight container before you’re ready to give your gift. Or you can use a kilojoule if you want to be special and put a nice piece of ribbon around, it may maybe a label. So. Just roll. I’m not going to do all because. You don’t want to watch me spend 20 minutes rolling.

I’m a George Washington. Sorry, I’m not going to do well. You don’t want to watch me rolling. I’m arrested for 20 minutes or so, but these are going to go in the oven at one hundred and fifteen. Sorry, these are going to go into the oven at one hundred and fifty degrees centigrade. That’s a fan of them. So just put it up to about one hundred sixty. If you’ve got a conventional oven and they take about 15 minutes so we can put these down.

Here in true blue Peter fashion, some I baked earlier. As you can see, they they’re slightly brown on the bottom. There will be soft inside. You let them cool completely on the baking tray. Don’t panic if they’re a little bit a little bit squishy when you take them out of the oven, as long as they’ve just got a nice biscotti color on the bottom, you’re fine. And the surface is meant to crack. If you want them to be a bit more icing sugar, you can just dust them.

But they are absolutely delicious, perfectly soft and almost marzipan. Honey in the middle, delicious apple biscuits, they’re really popular. And I’m going to put some in a kilojoule because they look so pretty and just chocolate doesn’t matter that have to make sure you don’t get to the end because they’re slightly random shapes. But the little. Time we’ve been around it and the label, and I do think this year where we’ve had such a horrible time. People will feel very special if you make a gift for them.

It means so much more than. Perhaps just going out and buying something from Amazon, which is what we’re attempting to do. So there you go, my amorously biscuits and a nice little jar with the ribbon, nice sparkly tank. And that’s a brilliant present. So thank you very much for watching. You look out for some of the others, I’m going to be making, oh, all sorts of things that you can get for Christmas gifts. So.

Now, I’m Susan.