After 18 months of hard graft we’ve been granted planning permission to restore Abbey Lands Farm, turning it into our new premises in the shadow of Whitby Abbey.

Scarborough councillors have approved our £1.5 million plans to renovate two derelict barns on the south-west corner of the Abbey grounds. This is absolutely wonderful news. We’d like to say a big thank you to Scarborough Council and English Heritage for believing in us and in our exciting project. Moving our distillery to the Whitby Headland is a game-changer for us and will enable us to step up production, introduce a new industry to Whitby and open our doors to the public.  We are looking for Founding Members- see detail here https://www.whitbydistillery.com/pages/founders-club

New Bottle 

Our bottle is environmentally friendly, plastic-free and designed & manufactured in Yorkshire.

The beautifully sculpted bottle contains the coastal spirit of the North and is an extension of our identity and commitment to sustainability.

More details: https://www.whitbydistillery.com/blogs/news/our-coastal-spirit-now-has-a-new-vessel 

Craft Gin Club 

18 months ago, we started developing a new exclusive edition with the Craft Gin Club. The Craft Gin Club is the UK’s biggest subscription club for gin lovers with a huge audience across the UK & beyond. Each month, members receive a box containing the gin a of the month from around the world along with tonics, mixers and a range of tasty snacks.

When we were asked by the Craft Gin Club to be their October 2020 release, we saw this as an amazing opportunity to share the delights of Whitby across the UK. The Demeter Edition was something we had wanted to create for a long time and so we decided to offer the first release direct to the Craft Gin Club family.

Buy On-line  www.whitbydistillery.com