Bar quality Cocktails without the mess and hassle 

The Cocktail Pickers Club was launched in 2016 by Jen who was on a mission to change the Pre-mixed Cocktail market.

“To date, there was nothing of its kind available and ours was the first Cocktail to be bottled to this standard. For years, anything ‘pre-mixed’ had been associated by cheap artificial drinks and I was determined to change this. I wanted Bar quality Cocktails without the mess and hassle.

“When the idea came about, I had an estate agency business. Busy as ever, I ran into the supermarket hoping to pick up some lovely drinks to serve as I had a house full for Christmas. I was absolutely shocked by the lack of choice so from that day I decided to build a brand.

“It took me two years of research, perfecting the recipes and making sure the brand represented the quality of the product. It was really important to me that the Cocktails were completely natural with absolutely nothing artificial added whatsoever which made it so much harder.

“I feel like the past four years have gone so fast and I’ve learnt so much but this last year has presented challenges that no business owner could have foreseen. Although listed in farm shops and delis throughout the UK, a big part of the business is food and drink type events.

“In March I realised we needed to adapt fast as our events into the summer literally got cancelled over night. We went full steam ahead into online and although at times its still be challenging, overall its been a great sucess. We found our following from the events started buying online from us and we’re so super grateful for that as its honestly been a saviour.

“We’ve also gained a customer base of new customers too which is a massive compliment when people are trying new products through online purchase. Our bi-monthly Cocktail Pickers Club, which is £20 including brand new flavours, snacks, garnishes, exclusive discounts and postage, has gained a great following.

“Come mid-Summer, we started to consider Christmas and how that could look. Christmas has always been our busiest time of year so it takes a lot of planning. Being a small business, you really have to decide where you focus your time so we decided to take the plunge to plough ahead as if the Christmas events would not go ahead. We realised that if they did, we would find a way to do both, but ultimately focussing online was the safest bet in order to survive.

“It is not just us that relies on Christmas being such a busy time of year and we really wanted to include other business in our plans as let’s face it everyone is better surrounded by supportive people (businesses in our case). We came up with the idea of having some Christmas Market boxes which included other producers with the same passion for quality.

“We’ve launched a range of gifts starting from £13 with the option to be delivered directly the week before Christmas and you can even include a card. The support so far has been really positive and hopefully this helps everyone out which is a great lesson to take away from 2020!

‘Determined to stay positive, we’re hoping that our new online ‘Pickers Family’ alongside the events getting back going will put us in an even better position as a business. Massive thank you to everyone that has supported us this year through your comments, shares and online purchases and we just can’t wait to get back on the road to events!”