Say goodbye to sludgy pickles. Ours are wholesomely natural, gloriously colourful and joyfully British. No nasty preservatives,

One of my fondest memories from childhood – and the sort of feeling I wanted to induce in Puckett’s Pickles customers – was the lovely warm glow I got when Mum did one of her fridge-cleaning suppers. She’d make what she called ‘bubble and squawk’ using any odd bits and pieces she found in the fridge and Father would open his pickle cupboard, honestly, the end result was my favourite thing in the world. We’d graze and the conversation would flow and all would be very right with the world.’ – Sarah Puckett

With no events, we have all our favourites available on the website. 

At Puckett’s we are passionate about using as much British and local produce as we can. We use the freshest ingredients so that they are picked and pickled in the shortest time possible, locking in their delicious flavour. We only use British Organic cyder vinegar, British sugar and beautiful whole rich spices.

We have a range of gift boxes available, see our website for our delicious traditional recipes and favourites. 

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no needless food miles—just seasonal produce, bright fresh herbs and rich whole spices
(and a secret soupçon of Granny’s know-how).
Happy pickles to leave a tickle on your tongue