Based in Manchester O’Donnell Moonshine has revived the once disreputable drink. Our Moonshine is made of high-quality products and made with natural flavours and is allergen free. According to the old rules we bottle our moonshine (just like the Moonshiners back in the days) in authentic Mason Jars.

O’Donnell Moonshine is available in seven varieties: There are six liqueurs; “Roasted Apple” (20% ABV) with natural apple juice, cinnamon and vanilla, “Bitter Rose” (25% ABV) a mixture of grapefruit, rosehip and black elderberry, “Tough Nut” (25% ABV) hearty hazelnut and sweet notes of caramel and nougat, Sticky Toffee (25% ABV)  intense, pure caramel, and Lemon Drizzle (25% ABV) sweet and sour with a hint of apple and grapefruit.  Our purest variety so far, “High Proof” (50% ABV) is a clear, triple-distilled and triple-filtered wheat-based spirit inspired by the controversial original. In terms of taste, the “High Proof” combines American moonshine tradition with German distilling craftsmanship and is characterised by a crystal-clear taste, continuous sharpness and infinite smoothness.

Due to lockdown and the pandemic most of our markets and events have been cancelled (including our beloved Christmas markets). We strongly focussed on On-line sales, we have also been working on product collaborations to raise more awareness to our brand.

Moreover, we tried to bring out new products more regularly to offer our customers something new. We also opened our first ever Pop-Up shop at the end of October in Manchester (@hatchmcr) but unfortunately Lockdown 2.0 has seen this closed for now too. Hopefully, we will be allowed to open in December again.

In these times – as we simply don’t know whether weekend markets are going ahead before Christmas – the best place to buy our products is online at www.odonnellmoonshine.co.uk

Pop to our website and use code Durham7 you will get 7% off your entire order (valid until 24.12.2020, one use per customer, some products are excluded).