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Inspired by traditional British and Belgian beers, McColls Brewery always endeavours to produce enjoyable, easy going beers. Sometimes it strays from the path and experiment but this helps feed its knowledge and curiosity.

When talking about McColls, Pete Brown Award Winning Beer Writer said: “Been really impressed by your beers btw – what I’m yearning for at the moment is good rather than experimental and it’s so nice seeing a beer style on a can then opening the can and being able to say “Oh yes, that’s a good one of those.” 14/05/20

The styles, ingredients and methods McColls Brewery use are born from the brand’s urban upbringings and now rural family life to its travels and North-Eastern roots. All the experiences, cultures and flavours have come together to influence these beers. With a love of both the Arts and Sciences and an appreciation of traditional and modern beer styles, McColls aim to give its drinkers beers from across the spectrum.

All McColls’ beers can be bought from the webshop: www.mccollsbrewery.co.uk

McColls offers FREE local delivery and FREE national delivery on all orders £40+. PLUS it is working with CC’s Deli (AKA Tea with Alice) in Darlington delivering Beer & Food Boxes (more info here: https://mccollsbrewery.co.uk/collections/frontpage/products/taproom-to-you) ONLY £20!!!!!!

McColls said: “During lockdown/since March, we have renovated our Taproom via a very successful Crowdfunder campaign. We have collaborated with other local Food and Drinks producers, delivering locally and nationally. We have worked with one of the largest UK Beer subscription companies, Flavourly and also Food and Drink North East and Dan Prince (Photographer) on the effect of COVID-19 on our business.