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Serendipity is a wonderful thing.

Hello Chimpions of the world. This is the story of how Screaming Chimps came to be.

“This is my 43rd job since leaving school in 1990. I’ve done everything from silk screen printing to cooking, to running pubs, to rave dancing in the 1990s. I’ve bottled wine and been a window cleaner, done warehouse work and stage lighting, but in 2015, when I was suffering from depression and had the tip of a kitchen knife in my chest in my hallway, I knew I had reached a level of depression and needed serious help. My friend Paul kindly gave me some of his chilli seedlings and said, “Grow them mate, they may take your mind off things!”

“A few months later my sister, Emily, asked me to make a ‘Man Vs Food’ challenge sauce for a chicken wing eating competition she wanted to do at university for charity, so I made a sauce that was 40% chilli and called it “Mouth Fucka” (as that’s what it had just done to me!)  I also thought that would be a great pull for the ‘Man Vs Food’ challenge, with all the bravado at uni. This is now the ‘Original Hot sauce’.

But you can’t name a sauce MF and sell it to the masses,  so the ‘Screaming Chimp’ brand was born when some friends asked us to visit them in Nerja, Spain and said bring ‘some of that sauce you’ve been talking about”.  After tasting it, they said; “This is wicked! This is what you should do – make sauce! But you can’t call it that mate.”

I LOVED the idea, but I could not think of what to call it!