Burtree Puddings Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Lee, darling. My husband is Robert, and we we are Burtree Puddings with the help of our family and we now make nine sticky puddings all made with good ingredients, free range eggs next door neighbours, organic double cream from ACORN. And we do three award winning Christmas puddings. We make a deluxe Christmas pudding, which is my favourite. It’s full of booze and rum, barley, wine and stout, and it has grand almond and so it’s rich.

Not a great deal of texture, but it’s just lovely. I baked the W I am country markets and they were going down a storm there. And another friend who did Farmer’s Market said, well if it’s going well then why not start and bring it to the farmer’s market so you can buy up sticky puddings and Christmas puddings online on our own website. But you can also go to the Durham Festival of Food and Drink, and you should find on there a link to virtually puddings and a discount code.