Break Bread Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Phil Elliott, founder and Head Baker of Breaking Bread Durham in Bishop Auckland. So we start at four in the morning and our breads have been proven overnight in the fridge. So they’re the first things that will come out of the fridge. They’ll sit for a few minutes and then go into the oven and start baking. While that happens, we’ve got scones that need to be baked. So we make them from from scratch, obviously, and put them into the oven.

And and we try and get most of the breads baked for about seven o’clock, eight o’clock when they have to go off to markets or to wholesalers or just for the coffee as well. We celebrate in the cafe and then once we have baked those breads, we then start mixing the fresh batch of bread. So we have used the yeasted breads, rumors, tin loaves, tea cakes, and they get made from scratch, mixed as shared an baked on the day.

And then we also then start tomorrow. As much as I would also start mixing those, get them shipped into the cupboard over into the fridge overnight, and then the day sort of starts again. So breaking bread started about three years ago, 2017, when I started making some bread for the market and just in Bishop Auckland opened the doors and started a few yeast and breads and it took off and made a small business. We do get sort of tied up into most days.

The shop is open six days a week. So we need bread for most of those days and we’ve got markets on the weekend. So I would say seven days a week. There’s somebody at the four o’clock. It’s a pleasure to be involved in Durham’s Festival of Food and Drink. So for Christmas, what we intend to do is rebrand the online shop so that people can make an order for Christmas deliveries, going to be delivering right up to Christmas Eve and want to set out some times and and areas where we’ll delivered to.

We are going to start. We did some panetonies a couple of years ago. We haven’t done them for a while, being a bit too busy. So we’re going to pick up the old recipe cards and start doing the once again, doing some Christmas biscuits and treats as well. So we want to sort of really make a bit of a festive and go of of something that is going to be quite strange for a lot of people. It’s a different Christmas for a lot of people.

So we want to make sure people still can buy local, can buy some good stuff. And so we have got some really good ideas for Christmas.